Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wednesday July 31, 2013-Moving day-Addison Oaks County park to Dan and Karen's house, Chatham MI

Today was the day we'd been looking forward to, going to visit our good friends Dan and Karen at their home near Chatham Michigan. Longtime readers might remember that we stayed with them a couple of years ago and had a wonderful time. 

The morning didn't start off well and I should have expected it from this park... We had made arrangements at the office to have our waste tanks pumped out this morning and were told by one of the young men that do this service that we would be the first unit worked on. As it turned out, we are the ONLY unit in this section of the park, so I expected someone there at 8AM. When I made the arrangements I told them that we were traveling today and wanted to get an early start. When no one had arrived, Stella called the office to ask and was told that they only do this service between 9 and 3.     Well! 

We went to get fuel and when we got back, they had come out and drained the tanks, so we were ready to pull out. I decided to make another "potty break" before pulling out and pulled the trailer to the other side of the circle. When I got to the restroom door, there was a note that the restrooms were closed and that I could use another one in a different area. I didn't want to drive around the park with the trailer and thought I'd just use one in the office. When I got there, I was told that they didn't have a public restroom and could turn around to use one inside the park. Again it would have been too much trouble, so we just left.

Imagine Willie singing "On the Road Again" 

"Just can't wait to get on the road again" Waaay off in the distance you may be able to see the Mackinac Bridge. We're over half way there!

Just getting on the big bridge! 

Lake Huron. 

A better shot of the bridge. The bridge is the third longest suspension bridge in the world, with a distance of 12,865 feet, connecting the lower portion of Michigan to the upper peninsula. UP'ers, those living in the upper peninsula, refer to those living in the lower area of Michigan below the bridge as "trolls". They live below the bridge...

Almost across the bridge!

We hit a major storm before arriving at their house. Pounding rain and high winds made driving pretty tough but it didn't last very long and we were dry as a bone when we got here.

Dan an Karen had fixed supper for us, so we had a fine spaghetti and meat sauce supper and a nice visit with our friends and Karen's mother who had come up from Tennessee for a visit. 

I didn't stay very long because I was exhausted from the long drive so I came on back home to the trailer and soon crashed. It had been a good trip and we were glad to be here.

So long.

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