Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday August 26, 2013-Moving Day-Country Village RV Park

We had one more potluck dinner last night, consisting of all the leftovers from the rally for those of us that remained here in the park. It was a good meal and we enjoyed some good conversations with our new friends. 

It rained- hard -all night last night. The winds blew and the thunder and lightning made for a nervous night. It woke me, but when the weather lessened around 3 AM I was able to go back to sleep in my chair. 

I awoke about 6 and immediately went to my computer to check for any new bacon Munzees. This is a new game that started last night at 10. Random Munzees are shown with three strips of bacon beside them and the first person to capture these Munzees get 20 points, the second gets 15 and the third gets 10 points. I checked before I went to bed and found one at the Best Buy store near Marquette but because of the pouring rain, I didn't go out to get it. Not only was it still there, there were two more around here. I jumped up, put my Munzee capturing clothes on and took off in search of them! I found them in short order and returned home. Along the way, I stopped off to cap some others that were scattered around the area near the park. I walked around and spoke to the other Heartlanders that were getting ready to leave this morning and when I talked to Kim and Dottie, I learned that one of the Munzees that I had just captured had just been made a Bacon Munzee. I went to get the extra points but the system wouldn't let me. I guess that since I had just captured it, I couldn't get the points for capping it as a bacon Munzee. Bummer....!

I came on back home and Stella and I went to the office to verify that we had to change sites, which we do. Someone has requested this particular site, so we must move next door. As soon as our neighbors moved out, we moved in. It only took about 45 minutes to get things moved over and the trailer hooked up and moved, so instead of #101, we are now in 102. Big deal, it is just as level and doesn't have rain water standing in it as the old one does. It just cost me a little sweat, so that's not a bad deal. We can stay here for a couple of weeks if needed. 

All the rain last night made it very humid this morning, and with the "heat wave" that is going on right now, it made for some uncomfortable times until we got the a/c's back on and cooling the trailer off. 

After taking a break (nap), I decided to drive over to Marquette to cap a few more this afternoon. On the way, I stopped by the stop sign where the bacon Munzee was located to give it another shot at being captured. When I drove up, there was a man in a small SUV that stopped nearby, and both of us started to walk toward the same stop sign. I asked him if he was playing Munzee, but he said no, he was geocaching. Small world! We are playing similar games but in the same spot! Oh, and yes, I capped it this time. It cost me a few points but I got it! I went over to Marquette and captured several regular Munzees and a couple more bacons, plus one Mystery Munzee and rang up 40 points. My numbers are climbing! 

The best thing is, I am walking a LOT and am outside in fresh air, not sitting inside watching television. Maybe you'll notice if I've lost some weight or at least inches.

So long.

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