Monday, August 5, 2013

Sunday August 5, 2013-Dan and Karen's house

We had a very pleasant day today. Stella and Karen made a big breakfast for all of us and included Ron and Eileen, who are friends that live nearby. We had a very filling breakfast of pancakes, eggs, sausage and bacon with all the fixin's and had a nice visit with them before we left to visit the Junkyard Art near Marquette MI. I covered this location a couple of years ago when we visited. He has added a lot of new sculptures since then and I have added lots more pictures.

 He is still building this new fireplace near the entrance.

 This looks like a PT boat, peeking out of the bushes. Although you can't make it out in the picture, he used large bolts as ammunition on the make-believe machine gun on the front of the boat. 

 He is a very patriotic guy with several pieces with a US theme.

This is a tribute to 911, with the twin towers. 

 Slot machine

 In case you can't read it, it says that the bowling balls are always on the north side of the tree.

 As you can tell, he has a "thing" for corporate greed and his feelings about how workers are treated are well known.

 A motorcycle going up a ramp through a ring of fire. This man's imagination and skills are amazing. Remember, all of this is junk metal...

A snowmobile. 

 A tractor pulling a large log.

Some kind of mean looking animal in a cage. Again, he used large bolts in the food dish. 

 An animal trap.

 This is a UFO with some small animals or creatures coming down the ramp. Amazing stuff!

 I love these guys "sawing" this huge log.

A large logger, hiking down a trail. 

The last of the cool sculptures for this trip. We will come back again sometime to see what he has added. 

After finishing up at the Junkyard Art place, we went into Marquette to do some shopping at Wal Mart and Menard's. They shopped while I deployed some Munzees. Hey, I have to leave some sort of a mark in the world!

 We stopped at a KFC and picked up some chicken and took it to the Presque Isle Park where we had a picnic lupper. Food just tastes better when eaten outdoors. We had a great meal and after, I deployed some Munzees around the park.

We had a nice view of Lake Superior (Gitchee-Goomey) as a background. It was fun to watch the boats come back into the docks.

There is also a huge ore dock behind us and beside the boat docks. This area of town has had a huge increase in living areas due to some large warehouses and a train station that have been converted to apartments and condos, and the area seems to be thriving.

After taking some rest after eating, we headed back home. We stopped off at a McDonalds restaurant for some ice cream, and guess what I did! Yep, left a Munzee mark for someone to capture. It was a wonderful day and a great way to end our visit here. We will be leaving in a few days for Wisconsin.

So long.

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