Monday, August 5, 2013

Saturday August 4, 2013-Dan and Karen's house

We haven't been doing too much of anything, just visiting with Dan and Karen and enjoying the cool weather here in the UP of Michigan. Today (Saturday) Dan and I went over to a "men's store" that is building materials, assorted parts and accessories and in general, junk, to look around and see what we could find. Dan bought a burn barrel and I bought a package of bungee cords. 

We rode around in the country and ended up at the Indian Lake state park. This is a very small park with a small lake with some huge trout in it. There were lots of people in the park and too many for us to try to ride the barge to look at the springs feeding into the lake and the large trout. We had a nice time anyway. 

I'm not sure that you can see the trout floating under the barge but they're there! You can see them in the picture below in the deeper water. 

We came on back home and had some leftovers - meatball subs - that were great! I am firmly convinced that leftovers are at least as good if not better than fresh. 

We have been staying and sitting around chatting with Dan and Karen since we've been here and not really missing not having television. I do miss Fox News in the morning but so many of the shows that we watch are re-runs right now, so there's not that much on. Football season is right around the corner, so we'll be more interested then. It's been a great week with Dan and Karen.

So long.

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