Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunday August 18, 2013-Moving day, North Star Mohican Casino to Country Village RV park

We were up early, packing things up to make our move to the UP (upper peninsula) of Michigan this morning. We decided to go over to the casino for breakfast before leaving, so about 8:30, we drove over. The parking lot was full, so we expected a large crowd in the restaurant. When we got inside, there was almost nobody there! I guess a lot of people had come in and stayed in the hotel and then slept in this morning. 

After a delicious- and inexpensive- breakfast, we were soon back at the trailers and hooking up to leave a little before 10. We made good time down the road and since there were no rest stops along the way to stop at for Munzee checks, time flew by. It is only 180 miles to the park in Ishpeming but we did lose an hour because we are back in the eastern time zone. At least when we leave here we will go back to central time and stay on it for the rest of the year.

Upon arrival,we got our sites and were soon set up and taking it easy. We met Gerry and Debbie, the Michigan chapter leaders and had a nice chat with them. We came back home for a bit and later went back over to sit outside with our friends. 

It was an easy travel day and even though we only made one stop, we arrived feeling pretty well. It didn't take long to shake out the kinks from riding all day.

So long.

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