Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Monday August 19, 2013-Country Village RV Park

There was not much going on around here today so I decided to upload some photos from the Lake Delton area that we had seen. 

This was the site of a deployed Munzee that Bernie took me to. The Wisconsin river flows through the area and at this point there is a dam and park overlooking the waterfall. 

Bernie had already "christened" the area with one Munzee, but added another today. 

A family was fishing in the calm area below the falls. Of course we didn't see them catch anything but this seems to be a pretty popular place to fish.

I am always fascinated by vegetation growing out of rock walls and mountainsides. It seems that anyplace a plant or tree can find any amount of dirt, they seem to grow and flourish. 

An interesting area of this location is a grotto that was a saloon that was located in a cave. This place was operated as a bar until about 1967 when it closed.

Here is the front of the cave. You can see the wall that was the front of the saloon in the picture above. The front wall is completely gone now and the interior has been covered with graffiti (see below picture). 

We just hung out around here today and Stella and I went to the grocery store. the grocery prices are very high in town, so we drove down to the Wal Mart in Marquette. The rally will start on Wednesday, so we are looking forward to it.

So long.

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