Monday, August 19, 2013

Saturday August 15, 2013, North Star Mohican Casino

I just want to bring everyone up to date on our stay at the North Star Mohican Casino RV park. I complained about the employees and their attitudes the day of our arrival and I haven't changed my mind. From the security guards to the wait staff in the restaurants, no one seems happy or welcoming. There is a serious lack of customer service here, but with all that said, I like this park. It is quiet and peaceful and best of all-CHEAP!! At $25 per night, a full hookup site is very reasonable, but when you subtract $10 a day that they give you to gamble with, the cost plummets! 

They also have some good food values. We ate hamburgers our first night for $2 each, .25 chicken wings the second night but ate in a nearby town the next two evenings which was higher in price but the food was delicious. 

Bernie and I did some Munzeeing in the area on Friday and were directed to a waterfall outside of Shawano WI by a store owner that we met there. He also told us about a mansion outside of town that had been built by the Kellogg family, owners of Kellogg cereal, for their daughter. Unfortunately their daughter died before the house was completed and it has deteriorated due to neglect. The house sits on the river with a beautiful view of a waterfall and some rapids. I took lots of pictures and will put them on a future post.

We are enjoying the delightful weather here. It has been in the upper 40's to low 50's at night and mid 70's during the day. It reminds me of Colorado with sweats or long pants in the morning, changing to shorts during the day. We haven't spent much time sitting out in the evening because of the skeeters. We have some neighbors that sit outside in the evenings but they also have campfires that smoke the critters away. 

We'll be moving on tomorrow, back to Michigan for the rally there. The rest of the summer will be rally after rally. We're looking forward to them and the fun we'll have.

So long.

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