Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wednesday August 7, 2013-Moving day-Dan and Karen's house to Country Roads RV & Motorhome park

We were up early this morning to get an early start on the drive over to Lake Delton Wisconsin. I went over and had some coffee with Dan and came on back home about 7:30 to get started on my moving chores. Stella had stayed home to start her work, so she had a big head start on me. We made good time and were ready to go about 8:15. We had been shooting for 8:30, so that we could go to a neighbor's house to dump our waste water tanks. It's only a few miles to their house, which has an RV park in front, consisting of three spaces with electricity and a sewer dump, so we were soon there and completed. That's when the trouble started... Dan had told me to call him when we were finished and they would come by and we would leave. We all forgot that there is no cell service up here, so after pulling out to the street, I waited for a few minutes and went to their friend's house to get them to call on their land line and let them know that we were ready to leave. I went back to the truck to wait, and after about 30 minutes, Eileen came out and said that they were waiting for us at their house. Doh, we had misunderstood the route we are taking, so as soon as we discovered our mistake, off we were toward their house. We only wasted 35-40 minutes, and were on the road again.

The route was a beautiful drive along Lake Michigan and down along Green Bay. We made good time and only made a couple of stops for fuel and potty breaks. We did stop for a lunch break at a McDonald's that Dan was familiar with that has a huge parking area for the trucks and trailers and had lunch there. It IS a McDonald's, so we didn't expect very much in the food, but it filled our bellies and we and we weren't disappointed. 

Back on the road again and made one more rest stop, somewhere in Wisconsin. At least we're back in the Central Time Zone again and will be for the rest of our time up here. It's really not a big deal, but we have to keep in mind that it's an hour earlier back in Texas when we call friends and family.

We pulled into the park a little after 3 and were soon set up and ready to party! Man, there are lots of Heartland trailers here! They are expecting 28 trailers, and most of them are already here. We had a very nice get together this evening, which consisted of Wisconsin Brats with side dishes brought by the guests. It is good to get here after a long drive and to see so many friends, both old and new. We are going to have some fun here this week.

So long.

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