Saturday, December 26, 2009

Friday December 25, 2009-Serendipity Bay RV Park

Here are some more pictures from around the park. As you can see, the marina is a busy place.

A sunset photo of some of the boats and the channel from the bay into the marina. I believe there was once a boardwalk or pier into the channel across from the marina. I'll bet there were a lot of fish caught there!

Another pretty sunset shot across the bay.

Christmas Day was very nice. The weather was awesome, cold at night and warm during the day with brilliant blue skies. We had a good time at Henry and Elaine's house with the rest of the family. We had our typical large Christmas meal and everyone was stuffed! The kids played outside all day and had a lot of fun. Man, these kids grow up fast! And big, they're almost as tall as their parents and only 10 years old.
Kim and I made a resolution that she'll quit smoking and I'll stop eating sweets to get my blood sugar down and keep my A1c levels in check. We'll see how this works out.
So long.

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