Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Saturday and Sunday, April 14 & 15, 2012-Sims RV Village, moving day

We went over to the Ford field baseball complex to watch Cameron's team, the Houston Bengals, play baseball this weekend.

Here is Tyler and Kim. Notice that 15 year old Tyler is a head taller than his mom!

Cameron only pitched one inning but he did great! He struck out two batters and a ground ball that was hit back to him was an easy out too. They let a different boy pitch each inning, but Cam was the best pitcher today and I don't understand not letting the best pitchers keep on pitching. Maybe that's why I was never a coach.

Cam is also a good hitter. He hit two all the way to the fence and scored runs himself as a base runner.

On Saturday, they tied the first game but came from behind and won the second. On Sunday morning they won their first game but lost the second. We watched the first game on Sunday but had to go back to Bill's house to pack up and leave for Spring.

We made an easy drive to Houston, and even though rain had been forecast, we only went through a couple of small showers. These only cleared off some of the dirt and bugs off the front of the trailer, and we pulled into Rayford about 3:30.

Several of my old friends that are still here came by and we made plans to have coffee again in the morning. It was good to be back among friends!

So long.

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