Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wednesday April 4, 2012-Caddo Lake NWR

We woke to a rain-soaked refuge. It had rained all night long and there was lots of water everywhere. We needed to get some good work-time in on the kiosk because both of our times here ending in a week or so. Todd and Sue leave next Tuesday and we leave Thursday, so we've got to get this thing built!

We got everything on the ground level completed today, leaving only the roof and roof trim to do. We were both getting tired of working on this thing but it will be worth it when we get done. I'll take some photos of it when it's through.

This afternoon we learned that tomorrow we need to go to Longview and pick up the Bobcat that Josh took in for service. WE went down to check the truck and trailer but when we got there, neither the truck nor the trailer had tail lights, brake lights or turn signals. This one is out! We thought about taking the service truck that we had been using all week but Gary changed his mind and told us not to go. It was just as well with us because we really want to finish the kiosk tomorrow. The weather should cooperate so we should finish with no problem.

So long.

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