Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sunday April 1, 2012-Caddo Lake NWR

We all decided to take today off because we were tired from working every day, so we all just stayed inside for most of the morning. Around noontime Todd decided to take his four wheeler back to the shop because he thought John might need it but Stella and I decided to go for another ride on Big Red before we put it away. We rode down the equestrian trail but stopped after only going about half way and decided to go back home for a bit.

Todd had decided that he needed to do some more work on the kiosk today, so he and Sue had gotten the service truck out and hooked the trailer up to it and were working on it. Not only did Stella and I get to ride on the four wheeler, we picked up an ice chest that was full of water that had been left out on the trail for the horse people yesterday and removed a few small trees and limbs from the trails, so everyone got in a little work today. We got the Tahoe and took Big Red down and cleaned and gassed it up later in the afternoon. For a day off, we had all gotten in a few hours of work today. We met for our usual happy hour om the pavilion, closing out another nice day.

So long.

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