Friday, April 27, 2012

Sunday April 22, 2012-Moving day-Rayford Crossing to Poche's Fish N Camp

The rally is over, and now comes the work of moving over to Breaux Bridge LA to Poche's Fish N Camp. We started out s little after 7 but with most everyone else leaving today, it took longer to get packed up and put away and visit with all my friends too.

We didn't get away until about 11AM which is a far cry from the "between 9 & 10" that we had planned on. Even with two pretty long stops, we made it to Poche's Fish N Camp about 4:15. Bill and Ornell were waiting for us and made hamburger patties and pork chops for supper.

We've been having trouble with our Level Up system. It seems to have lost it's memory and reverses some of the functions. We have learned to use the system in manual mode, which is still much better than the old electric jacks and putting blocks under the wheels to level. More on this later...

So long.

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