Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tuesday April 3, 2012-Caddo Lake NWR

We woke this morning to cloudy skies and a further threat of rain. We decided to just hang out and wait out the weather, so we ran some maps over to the Caddo Lake state park for them. We ran some other errands and checked out the auto tour route for downed trees but didn't find any.

We came back home and waited out the rain, since it had begun raining a couple of times. finally, a little before noon, the weather turned and the sun came out and so we went down and loaded up our tools and went back to the kiosk to work some more. We worked for about four hours when the winds came up and the clouds returned, so we put everything away and came back home. Just about the time we got back home, it began to rain in earnest!

I came inside and learned about the tornadoes that were hitting the Dallas area. I called Jennifer and Melissa and found that they were fine but a bit freaked out by the tornado warnings. Satisfied that the kids were safe, all we could do was sit inside and listen to the rain. Tramp and Cassie got real excited over the thunder but we didn't have any trouble until I had to go out and lock the gates. Let me tell you, it wasn't a good night to be out in the weather. It was everything I could do to get out and close the gates and I was almost immediately soaked, but I got 'er dun! I came back home and hung up my wringing wet clothes and snuggled in wearing my warm sweats. It continued to rain all night but we didn't have any really bad weather and that's a relief.

So long.

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