Friday, April 27, 2012

Tuesday April 24, 2012-Moving day-Poche's Fish N Camp to Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores Alabama

I was up with a couple of cups of coffee in me before 7, ready to hit the road to Alabama! Things went very well, with everything going back in place until we were completely ready to pull out and tried to pull up the jacks. The electric stabilizers had over extended and refused to budge. I worked and worked with them and finally got them started back up, but they only went up a few inches and froze up again. Darn!

I tried to run them up manually, using a furnished crank handle. Working against the motor was very hard, and I only got a couple of turns on the handle when the shaft broke. Now what can I do! I tried moving the stabilizer again with the switch, but it still wouldn't go, so Bill and I decided to simply remove the whole stabilizer. It was only held on by 6 bolts, but as soon as we started trying to remove them, the heads broke off of the bolts! After awhile we got the bolts removed and the thing taken off. There is no place to store it while traveling, so we decided to go to the office to talk to Verdie and see if I can store it here until we return next week. She said we could, so we carried it to her shed.

Finally! we are ready to pull out! We are only about 30 minutes late, so we're still in good shape. I had not driven very far out of our site before being flagged down by another resident to tell me that our antenna was up. Holy Crap, what ELSE can go wrong?

We were soon on the road again and met up with David and Susan at the truck stop and were on the Interstate soon after that. We made good time through Louisiana and Mississippi and were into Alabama by mid afternoon. We pulled into the state park where the Alamissibamassippi chapter rally is going to be held.

I was very apprehensive about the jacks and how they would work with the stabilizer removed. They are a part of the system when in Automatic Leveling mode but with them removed, the system just sat there, looking for the stabilizers, so we reset the system and manually leveled the trailer using the four jacks. Thank Goodness! We are as level as ever and there is no movement of the trailer, so all is well, at least for now.

We got all set up and met our neighbors and relaxed for the evening. The weather is great here and we are looking forward to a good rally, meeting old friends and making new ones.

So long.

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