Saturday, June 30, 2012

Friday June 29, 2012-Moving day-Pueblo KOA to Mountain View RV Resort

Well, it certainly has warmed up! It was 70 degrees here in the desert of Pueblo Colorado, about 15 degrees warmer than what we've had in Cody. It was nice to be out though and after my coffee, I was out and about, getting things done for the final leg of this journey.

Of course, I had to wait for Stella to get done with the inside packing but there was no hurry and we got away about 8:15. I called Pat and Lori, who said they would meet us along the road in Alamosa Colorado.

We made very good time down the highway and were soon at the exit for Hwy. 160 over to Alamosa and Creede. We found the service station where we met Pat and Lori and after a short break, we were on our way to Creede. This place is gorgrous! It is out of town, and Pat brought us in by the back way, down some hard-packed dirt roads, but this place is a jewel! There are two sides, one-the high dollar, buy your own lot side and the RV Resort side where we are staying.

We later met some of the neighbors, Bill and Mary and Jim and Alice who invited us to eat supper with all of them. We had a great meal with them and had a nice chat session after supper. It was a great way to start our stay here.

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

Well that answered one question. Now you will have to fill us in on the amenitites and cost difference between the two sides. Do you have to show up on the first like the other place? Ted is really impressed with the webvsite AND they have skeet shooting!