Friday, June 15, 2012

Wednesday June 13, 20112-Cam Plex

The rally has been going great! We are having soooo much fun and meeting lots and lots of new people. This is what the RV lifestyle is all about, having fun, meeting new people and eating great foods.

It is still cool in the evening and warm during the days up here in Wyoming. We have been enjoying the area so much but we haven't had too much time to get out to see the sights of Gillette. Oh well, we were told that there's not that much to see here except some coal mines and that will come later in the weekend.

Remember the good news that I told you about last week? Well I can share what it was with you now. I have been promoted from Chapter Leader of the South Texas Chapter of the Heartland Owners club to Regional Director of the Central Region (Central time zone). It consists of 16 states and goes from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada. It will be a lot of work but I think I can handle it. I am looking forward to lots of traveling and meeting even more new folks.

The announcement was made at the Leadership conference on Wednesday and to the general membership and on the Heartland Owners forum yesterday. Many people wished the best and we appreciate their confidence in us.

We hosted a potluck breakfast for the Texas contingent here Wednesday morning and I went to the Wisconsin chapter's meet and greet Wednesday afternoon. Let me tell you, those cheeseheads know how to PARTY!! I had a great time, and they had plenty to eat and drink. Stella had to work at the check-in trailer this afternoon, so I was Forced-forced I say! to go to the party without her. I couldn't let one of my chapters go without a visit from the new Director could I? Just doin' my job!

A big group of Heartlanders went to the Chop House-our caterer at the rally-on Wednesday. There were over 50 going, but we opted out and went out to eat with our friends Doug and Judy at Applebee's. We were not nearly as crowded and didn't have to wait over an hour for our food like some of our friends did and we had a good meal too.

Last night's meal was a catered meat dish (1/4 chicken) with us bringing side dishes and desserts. Even though we were in the last group to be fed, there was still plenty of food and we all had a good time. Coley Brady, VP of Sales for Heartland flew in to speak at the rally. Howard and Linda Payne hosted a game called Road Tested, a variation of the Newlywed Game. It was a lot of fun and we all had some good laughs.

The service guys left yesterday. They did an outstanding job and I can't believe the money that Heartland spent to send them to the rally. They sent 21 techs, two clerical assistants and two supervisors on a chartered bus along with a couple of pickup trucks pulling their parts trailer from Elkhart. 23 hours on the road! We couldn't say enough good things about the work they did.

The rally will be over before we know it, but we are already making plans for next years rally and even further out! This is gonna be a great ride!

So long.

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2psnapod1 said...

So glad you're having such a good time...and so envious all wrapped up in one!

We will soon fall under your leadership and feel quite privileged!

Make sure you find time to relax!