Sunday, June 10, 2012

Saturday June 9, 2012-Cam Plex

Today began with another pre-rally potluck breakfast at Kevin and Nelly's place, down the street from us. Today we had waffles made by Dave (Cody Carver on the Heartland forum), Nellie's muffins, bacon, sausage and anything else that anyone could think of for breakfast. It was a great time for chatting and meeting new folks. When breakfast broke up, we came back home and relaxed for a bit. Soon we could see new arrivals and one of them was our friends Doug and Judy in their new Landmark Mesa. This is a new floorplan and a little bit bigger than ours and we liked some features of it, but not enough to make us want one. We're very happy with what we've got.

Later I walked down and met some Canadian folks that had just arrived. They are waaaaay down on the other end of the park, but I'm sure that in the next couple of days, they'll have neighbors. The economy has hurt the rally, with only 134 coming this year.

We had another potluck dinner but Al and Donna furnished burgers and all of us brought a side dish or dessert. The food was really good but the people were better. I met several new folks and visited with old friends. It had been windy all and warm all day long and I had worn my shorts to supper, but soon realized that as the sun got lower, the cooler it got, so while I went home to change and get a jacket, the party broke up. I met Stella, Doug and Judy coming back home. I've got parking duty tomorrow so I went and found my golf cart and brought it home with me.

About 9 o'clock or so it started to rain. Not a hard rain but a soft rain that is very restful and it didn't take me long to retire to the warm bed. I woke about 11:30 to pounding on the roof. HAIL! It beat on the roof and I got up to check on things to make sure the roof vents were closed securely and hadn't been broken by the hail but everything was safe and secure. We had been warned at supper that if bad weather approached,  an announcement over the loudspeakers throughout the park would notify us. We could stay in our trailers or go into the brick building, but hopefully that wouldn't occur. I had just gone back to bed and was almost asleep again when I heard a train horn in the distance. In my sleep, it sounded like a siren, so I jumped up, thinking there was a tornado coming! I soon realized that I had made a mistake-Stella was still safe and asleep in her recliner-so I went back to bed. I woke briefly a couple of times and it was still raining and still was this morning when I got up around 5. I'll have to go out a few minutes early to check the truck for any hail damage, but I hope everything is all right. I hope the rain is over for awhile because I have to work for the next few days.

So long.

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Jerry and Susan Magill said...

Jay, I'd like to see that new Mesa when we arrive! Jerry Magill