Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sunday June 17, 2012-Moving day-Cam Plex, Gillette WY to Ponderosa Campground, Cody WY

Today was the day that everyone dreaded, moving out. In our lifestyle, moving is a common thing, but it gets harder to move from a nice campground, to a new one, especially since we made so many new friends that are going elsewhere. Several of us decided to wait a while before leaving and some of our group went with us to the church services, but most of our packing up chores were done and about 30 minutes after church, we were loaded up and on our way!

 We used several walkie-talkies to communicate between the different trucks. We didn't get far before one of the radios no longer communicated with the others, so we pulled into a rest area just outside of Gillette and got it working again.There were five of us in the caravan, led by Doug and Judy in their beautiful full body painted Landmark.Stella was the photographer on this trip and didn't get a picture of the rigs going down the road, but she got some great shots of the mountains as we approached the Bighorns!
 These pictures don't do justice to the beauty of the mountains. The panorama of the Bighorns is just so....majestic!
 Beautiful snow covered peaks! We would soon be driving over these mountains...

The trip was not uneventful. While going up the grades over the mountains, one of the trucks began to overheat so we had to pull over and let it cool. Then another of our friends had a problem with one of their tires going down. We pulled over and worked on adding air to the tire but it was leaking around the valve stem, so we found a tire repair shop that was still open and had it repaired. We stayed behind with them as the work was being done while the other three went on ahead. Luckily we didn't have any issues and were glad to stay behind with our friends. I would have liked it if the situation had been reversed.
It was all worth it! This is a picture out our back window in the park. We expect to do a lot of exploring in this area and there is so much to do. I will continue to add more photos as we explore the area.

So long.

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