Saturday, June 9, 2012

Friday June 8, 2012-Cam Plex

Well the pre-rally fun has started. We went over to Kevin and Nelly's place for breakfast. Nelly was making her famous muffins, so we all brought something to contribute. I took the big coffee pot and Stella made some of her apple dumplings. We all had a good time but I got badly sunburned sitting in the sun. It felt good to sit outside and I didn't think about getting burned, but I paid for it later!

We had gotten our assignment for working and are on the schedule for assisting in parking starting on Sunday, but there were four people arriving today, so I volunteered to help out. We went over to the Wyoming Center, where all the activities will be held and helped get the arrival packets put together and took them over to the parking attendant trailer that was furnished by a local dealer.

We came back to the trailers and spent more time sitting around and visiting with friends. About 2:30 we went back over to greet the new arrivals. We got them escorted to their sites without any incidents and met some more new folks. One of the guys was in a bad mood because his truck had started to smoke from the brakes after he had a bad experience in a construction zone, but the bottom line is, he got here. Now to get his truck repaired so he can get back home in a few days.

Several people were going to a destruction derby tonight but we weren't going. I have seen enough wrecks in my career and didn't feel the need to see more. Besides that, my sunburn was really bothering me, so I just medicated my burned up head and stayed home. Our first full day went well and we are looking forward to the rest of our time here.

So long.

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