Friday, June 1, 2012

Thursday May 31, 2012-Moving day-J & C RV Park to Custers Gulch RV Park

It was a nice morning in Alliance NE today. It rained last night, a nice quiet little shower, and made everything feel so nice this morning. It was cool, about 55 degrees but not really cold. We packed up and pulled out around 9:30 and got on the road to Custer.

It wasn't very long before we ran into a traffic problem. The state is redoing the pavement on two sections of the highway, so we had two backups this morning. It wasn't a long stop, probably 10-15 minutes but it was enough to aggravate me. I am ready to be somewhere for awhile!

I was surprised to see that there is no sign or welcome to South Dakota on the road. I saw some signs about laws and regulations in S. Dakota but nothing to welcome people here. Oh well, I'm not the governor of this state, so I'll keep my thoughts to myself.

There are so many places in S. Dakota that I've heard about for a long time and I hope to get to see many of them. Wounded Knee, Deadwood, Sturgis, and many others. We'll have a week here to explore plus we might want to come back sometime.

We got to the park around 12:30 and by 2 we were completely set up, porch, outdoor rug and all. What a relief! We just stayed in and relaxed after the long trip up here. I took a walk around the park later in the afternoon and noticed that many of the vehicles are from California. This seems to be a popular place. All the sites are well spaced apart with the back-ins to the trees. I think that anyone coming here would be happy with either the back in or pull through sites. Stay tuned please.

So long.

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