Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Monday June 4, 2012-Custers Gulch RV park

Today we went to the most famous sites that are near Custer SD Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Mountain memorial

The entrance to Mount Rushmore is impressive as well as the memorial as well. The entrance to the Crazy Horse memorial is not nearly as impressive, I think because there is no governmental money involved. The family-owned Crazy Horse has devoted their monies toward the memorial itself and the guest buildings where Indian craftspersons can be seen working on their wares that are for sale.

 The four Presidents, Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln are memorialized in 60 foot likenesses of them and are amazingly detailed which cannot be seen from the normal view.

Notice President Roosevelt's glasses? I never knew they were there either until I heard the Park Ranger's talk about the Presidents, the memorial and the area. If or when you go to the memorial, try to go on one of the escorted walks through the site. We were escorted by Ranger McMahon, who was very knowledgeable.
HERE is some more reading about the memorial, the sculptor and his family and the Presidents. It is very interesting reading.

Here is a scale model of what the original sculptor, Korczak Ziolkowski, imagined the end result would look upon completion. The mountain and the work-in-progress can be seen behind the model.

Here is the plan, super imposed on the mountain. It has a long way to go before completion. It will not be completed in my lifetime but I hope to come back some day before I am gone to see the progress that has been made.

Here is a better shot of the mountain. I'm not certain how far away we are from the mountain, but Ziolkowski's home and studio was located where the main building is now. HERE is more reading about the Ogala Lakota Chief Crazy Horse and HERE is more reading about the memorial.

This area is well worth the trip and I recommend it. I'll probably return to check on the progress on Crazy Horse Mountain but it will be in 20-30 years.

So long.

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Karen & Dan said...

It sure is beautiful out there...
Glad that you are enjoying it.When we will be there, you will be in Gillette already..See ya on the 11th.