Thursday, June 28, 2012

Monday June 25, 2012-Ponderosa Campground

Here we are, entering the Old Faithful geyser. Another guest took this picture and I took one of him and his wife.

I've tried three times to get a video that I shot of Old Faithful loaded here but it just won't work! I tried, I really did!
We brought Tramp and Cassie with us to visit Yellowstone because we figured to be gone all day, and we didn't disappoint. We didn't get back home until after five and had planned to go over to Dave and Amy's house for supper tonight. We met Roy and Sally and Kevin and Nelly who were also going, and we rode with Roy and Sally because I had been driving all day.

We had a really great time at Dave's "ranch" and enjoyed looking at his haying equipment and his horses. He has about 400 acres that he has planted in hay, and sells to his friends and neighbors. This was a good way to end up our time here in Cody and we'll all be leaving soon. I won't make another post for tomorrow because it will all be routine stuff in getting ready to leave on Wednesday.

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