Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday June 23, 2012-Ponderosa Campground

Today is the last full day of the rally and I want to bring you up to date on the "happenings" here in the last couple of days. Since the rally kicked off, we have pretty much stayed around here. We did go to the Buffalo Bill Museum, pictures of which will be showed to you in a later post.

 Here are Dave and Amy, Chapter Leaders for the Wyoming chapter. They have done an excellent job on this rally, especially when you know that this is their first large rally. They held another with only two rigs showing up but this weekend there were 27! They should at least win a prize for most improved chapter!

 Here we are, enjoying a meal in the area between Dave's trailer and ours. We had two meals back here, one of burgers and hot dogs and the other a potluck dinner.

 Here is another part of the group, behind the trailers. We used every bit of the yards that were shaded. The weather was just about perfect for us, warm in the daytime and cool at night.

We had more than just delicious food to enjoy at the rally! I'll give you more of a wrap-up in tomorrow's post when everything is completed. Oh and thanks to Jimtoo for sharing these pictures of the rally activities.

So long.

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