Friday, June 8, 2012

Thursday June 7, 2012-Moving day-Custers Gulch RV Park to Cam-Plex, Gillette Wyoming

Today is the day that we've been waiting on for some time, going to Gillette for the Heartland National rally. It had been raining lightly when I went to bed and a loud thunderclap woke me about 3:30AM, still raining. Rats! I have always hated setting up and taking things down in the rain, but I had the porch and steps down already and was as ready as I could be. Like always, I went back to sleep in my chair and when I finally awoke, the rain had stopped. Hallelujah!

I went outside and began working a little before 8 and made good progress. We were not really in that big of a hurry this morning because we are only going about 115 miles to Gillette, but there were still clouds in the skies and we wanted to get on the road. We ran through a little rain shower that lasted about 25-30 miles, but that just cleaned the dust off the truck and trailer and of course, the bugs from the front of the trailer. The rain stopped and we had a nice drive through some pretty country. We stopped for fuel at a little truck stop in Moorcroft WY and while there, one of the ladies that works there told me that it was reportedly raining hard in Gillette and was snowing! in Sheridan. Thank goodness we aren't going as far as Sheridan today, but snow in June?

When we arrived, we stopped off to get weighed by our friends Howard and Linda (RV-Dreams). Not only do they run their very informative website, they have a couple of rallies a year that are a lot of fun and very informative, especially if you are a full timer or thinking about being one, but they do weighing of RV's for the RVSEF. After a short chat with them, we were off to get set up.

After getting all set up, I came in and relaxed for a bit and then went for a walk to see who was here today. While walking, I met a couple from Colorado who were having a problem with their fridge. I gave them as much help as I could, which wasn't much, and went on my way.

We went over to Kevin and Nelly's trailer where many had gathered to visit after supper. I stayed over there until about 9 o'clock when the cold ran me back home. It was down in the low 50's tonight and those blankets will feel really good!

So long.

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