Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monday April 22, 2013-Elkhart Campground

It was still cold (37*) this morning, but not below freezing which was a welcome change. It didn't stay cold for very long and soon it was a very nice day. Now THIS is why we come to the midwest!

We went over to see Rob Reid, owner of RV Capitol and the supporting dealer for our rally next weekend. When we got there, he told us that he has an open house this weekend and asked us to work it with him, and we told him yes. We worked another show for him a couple of years ago, and since he is sponsoring the rally, it's the least we can do for him. He was too busy to sit down with us today but we made plans to return on Wednesday and will get things done then.

We needed to go grocery shopping and I wanted to get the TV antenna working, so we started out for the grocery store. Along the way, I spotted a Dish Network van and pulled in and spoke to the technician. He gave me his supervisor's name and phone number and said for me to call him to make an appointment. I still had a few things to try before I used my "phone a friend". I got some electrical contact spray cleaner and then decided to try a new antenna cable as a last resort. When I got home, the spray didn't help but the cable did the trick and I soon had satellite TV again. Now to get set up with the local channels! After three more calls to Dish Network and being insulted again... I finally got hooked up with a "super tech" (his words) and he actually got it done. Now I'm a happy boy, the weather is great and I have good TV again.

This afternoon I put out the mat and set up our porch to complete the assembly of the campsite. Now just waiting on friends to arrive. Rally On!!

So long.

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