Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saturday April 20, 2013-Moving day- Terre Haute KOA to Elkhart Campground

With the time change to the eastern time zone, our sleep hours were somewhat confused this morning. We were up with coffee down by 8 o'clock and I went out to get to work. I chatted last night with Ken Baker, whose wife is working here at Terre Haute, so I went to the office to talk to her for a bit before I got busy. Ken is delivering RV's and had stopped by their home before returning to Elkhart to pick up another load, so Cory and I had something to talk about. They own a Bighorn trailer and have started on their long-time adventures in their trailer.

Since there wasn't much to do at home, we were pulling out before 9 and were almost to Indianapolis before we made our one and only pit stop. I know that truck stop food isn't nutritionally good for us, but it's tasty and CHEAP!! It filled us up and we were good to go.

The last time we went through Indy, the highway was under construction and we missed the turn for the loop around town. The GPS saved us and took us down Hwy. 31, the road to South Bend and Elkhart, and right beside Lucas Oil Stadium, but we got on the loop and missed seeing the stadium this trip. We made it into Elkhart about 3 and before you know it, we were set up and ready to rally! Well, it will be a week or so before our friends start to arrive for the rally, but we're ready when they get here.

Everything went well with the setup except the satellite dish. I have a good view of the sky, checked with the phone app for the location of the birds, the dish has power, but it just won't lock in on the satellite.

I want to vent and rant for just a minute about people on cell phones and texting while driving. Twice while on this trip I have seen drivers being distracted. One lady, who was texting,  and in my right hand lane, took an exit to another highway, which we were also on. When she realized what she had done, she dropped back behind me and cut across behind me to continue on the highway that we had been on. Wow! The second was even more scary. We were crossing a large bridge-without the trailer this time- when a pickup truck driver was talking on his cell phone. He drifted closer and closer and did in fact hit my mirror with his mirror. Of course, I let him hear my train horn and he moved right back over. I slowed down to let him go by but I noticed that he never put the phone down. He didn't even react in surprise when I blew the horn at him. I guess it was a very important call...
Thats all for now.

So long.


Bob said...


Check your outside connections at the dish for corrosion. Had the same thing happen with a beautifully open sky. DirecTV guy came out and showed me where the outside connections had corroded to the point that it would send the signal back.

Just a thought.

Donna W. said...

not a day goes by that I dont almost get sideswiped by someone on their cell, talking or texting.
texting is the worst because they are looking down and using their hands. Mo has this stupid law that makes texting illegal only if you are under 21. Texting and driving should be in the same category as a DUI, such my opinion.