Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday April 24, 2013-Elkhart Campground

Notice I skipped right over yesterday? It's because we didn't leave home all day because of the weather. It rained all day and since we didn't have anything planned to do or anywhere to go that wouldn't wait a day or two, so we just stayed in.

We had made an appointment to meet with Rob Reid from RV Capitol this morning, so although it was very cold (35 degrees Brrr...) we went to his store and had a very good meeting with him, making plans for the rally. When we went out to leave it was SNOWING!! We then went to Martin Marketing to talk to Janice about the rally and when we left there it was snowing even harder and it seemed to be sticking to my windshield. Not wanting to be on the road in snow- hey I'm a southern boy and not accustomed to driving in snow- so we came back home. It continued to snow for awhile and the temp never rose, so we just stayed inside and watched the weather. The snow finally stopped but we were out of the mood to get out again- it was still COLD.

The sun finally came out about 4:30 but it was too late to get out and do anything else today, so I worked on our water line. We had a very low flow inside, so I went out to investigate. I had a good flow through the hose into the trailer but I found some rust at the screen into the trailer. I washed it out and flushed the lines out at the kitchen sink and in the bathroom. The sites where we are are located in the back of the park and probably haven't been used in a few months and needed a good flushing before hooking up. We now have good water flow and all is well again.

So long.

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