Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday April 16, 2013-Moving day-Springfield KOA to Sam and Donna's house. Dardenne Prairie MO

I'm starting this entry early in the morning so this part is still in Springfield MO/

First of all, I feel very bad about the events in Boston and wish everyone that was killed or injured in this incident receives God's blessing. I also feel for the law enforcement professionals that are working on this investigation and hope that they can locate and bring the person/people that are responsible for this act to justice.

I woke very early, as is usual for me, and by the time I had gone to the bathroom, Cassie had taken over my "warm spot" and was not moving, so I went to my chair and started catching up on the overnight updates. I was soon back asleep, which is also normal for me. I woke when I heard what I thought was the coffee pot gurgling, but quickly realized that it was raining. It continued to rain for awhile, and it knocked me right back out.

Cool weather has returned to our world! I checked the thermometer and it was 50 when I came into the living room and seemed to get colder. Sure enough, it is 46 right now at 7AM. I checked the forecast and see that we will have cool temps, even down into the 30's for the next week or so. We'll see....

Okay I'm back... It rained on us most of the way to St Louis and the temperature remained at 45. It had stopped by the time we arrived, about 2 o'clock. After a difficult back-into his driveway, we are set. We had a bit of trouble getting water to the trailer but it finally worked out and we have water and electricity.

It was very nice to finally meet Sam, who is also a retired Police Officer. Actually, Sam was the Chief of Police before he retired. I'm sure that we'll have some stories to swap before our stay here is done.

Sam fixed us a delicious pizza for supper and Donna made some amazing gooey butter cookies. We had a very nice visit with them but I was tired and came home to rest up. Sam said he will take us to the Anheuser-Busch brewery and if there is time, to the St Louis arch. We are looking forward to a good time here with our friends Sam and Donna.

So long


Donna W. said...

After you left Jay, Stella and I solved all the worlds problems, from unruly children to spoiled pets.

Ted and Donna said...

Both places are great to see.

Ted and Donna said...

Do you have to back down that driveway?