Monday, April 15, 2013

Oklahoma Chapter Rally, Wednesday April 10 through Sunday April 14, 2013-Choctaw KOA

Wednesday and Thursday, many of the rally-goers arrived and got set up. This is a great park and only about four years old. The concrete sites are a bit narrow, but not bad, and the grass is very soft and pretty. They have low shrubs between the sites with large enough openings to allow for satellite dishes and other utility items that trailers need.

 Here is our site, #43. The patio is misplaced for a rig of our size and it would be even worse for a shorter trailer. We are situated at the hookups, water, sewer and electric but as you can see, some distance from the patio. Its really not a big deal and a short walk to the benches, covered by a metal awning that is permanently attached.

This is the main office for the park which included a small waiting area for the casino shuttles, a park store, game rooms and of course, a very nice rally/meeting hall.

Remember, it IS a Choctaw Indian Nation park. I'm not sure if this is one of the Choctaw Indian chiefs or just a wooden sculpture of an Indian, but it's very nice.

There was a good turnout for this rally. We are the fifth unit down and you can see the wide grassy area in front of us. There were two nice doggie parks directly across from us and our pups enjoyed romping there.

There was a very nice fireplace on one end of the rally hall. We could have used this the first couple of days here  but we didn't have access until today.

This is the rest of the rally hall. AS you can see, there are plenty of tables and chairs for us to use. I think the smaller round tables and stools got more use during the week, but this place is first class all the way.

We ate a lot (I'm talking A LOT!!) at the casino where they have four restaurants including one large buffet but what's a rally without a potluck? Larry and Donna did a great job of planning and executing this rally and the activities and games all went off without a hitch. Good job guys!

Although I didn't take any photos of the kitchen, it was superb, with industrial grade appliances and fixtures and they furnished all kitchen utensils and hardware, large coffee makers and coffee and just about anything one could want to serve large groups of people.

After eating, we all sat around chatting. Larry took advantage if the hall for games and it was also useful for anyone that wanted to play cards or dominoes.

Here are our friends Dan and Karen from Michigan and Bob and Pat, who are full timers from Texas. Dan and Karen have invited us to their home later this summer and we plan to take advantage of their offer. Bob (TxBobcat on the forums) has been a member of the south Texas chapter and are one of the original couples in the group.

Here are Rex and Stacy, Oklahoma chapter members and club members Monty and Judy who are from Idaho. They stopped by the rally on their way from the Rio Grande Valley on their further travels. The local state chapter rallies are open to any Heartland Owners Club member at no cost. Just one of the benefits of being a member of the club. Buy yourself a Heartland, join the club and you can come along and enjoy the fun.

This was a very trouble-free rally with no one breaking anything or have any accidents. There are still about 8 of us here and most will be leaving on Monday. We will be heading to Missouri and our friends Sam and Donna's place in Dardenne Prairie where we'll stay for a few days. It will be great to finally meet them on our way to Elkhart Indiana. We'll be hosting an Indiana chapter rally in hope of reigniting the chapter and finding a chapter leader. We plan to stay in Elkhart until the huge national rally in June. The fun is just beginning!

So long.


Ted and Donna said...

Wow! You will be in Elkhart a long time. We really liked Durant and would stop there again if traveling 75. We are going to Havens Landing with the Boomers. It will give us a chance to clean the carpets and such. The dust in the valley was really bad this year.

Donna W. said...

Looking forward to meeting you and the furkids....sorry but suppose to rain here most of week,have printed out some of the things to do in st louis in case you want to sightsee, many are free.
Sam has moved our fiver and has a spot all ready for you.