Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rally Days-Thursday April 4 thru Sunday April 7, 2013-Lake Conroe KOA

We have had a great time at the South Texas Chapter rally in Montgomery. Some of our friends arrived on Thursday and we went out to eat at Vernon's Barbecue. This was just the first of many meals out, including a new idea that Chapter Leaders Tom and Marti came up with along with Vicki from the Ron Hoover RV dealership for a breakfast that the store furnished for us. Vicki got a menu from the IHOP restaurant and we all wrote down our orders and she called them in so the food was ready for us when we got there. They pulled it off perfectly and as soon as they took our drink orders, the food started coming out.

We had our usual rally potluck Saturday night and as usual, it was great. We were then entertained by Terry and his wife June, who had a good repertoire of love songs. It was a good way to end the last full night of the rally. Tom and Marti scored again!

Sunday morning, Tom made coffee and Marti drove into Montgomery to pick up some donuts for us. A group of us drank coffee and ate donuts for awhile when Tom and I went out and installed a light bar that I had won at the Gillette rally last summer. When I won it, I didn't really look at it and thought it was just another rope light and not the one pictured below. It went up pretty easily and now it looks AWESOME! It not only changes colors, it blinks at different speeds, it flashes or holds a steady color. Thanks to Jim B. for getting the door prizes for the rally and for Tom who did most of the work in installing it. I helped him but he is much better at it than I am.

About six rigs stayed over until Monday when we will also leave. We all went out to eat some Mexican food, which I had requested because we will be out of state all summer in the midwest where good Mexican food is unheard of. We go to Oklahoma next and I'm not sure about them either. After a delicious lunch at Fajita Jacks, we returned home to rest up. 

We all got together at Terry and June's place to chat, and while there we saw Dan and his wife Ann ride by on the bicycles and about 10-15 minutes later saw an ambulance drive into the park. We later found out that Ann had fallen and broken her leg just above her ankle. Bummer! 

It was a great rally but the weekend ended on a sour note.

So long.

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Anonymous said...

we stayed at this KOA in March. we thought the hookups were arranged very odd. It took 20 feet of sewer hose to hook up and the water was another several feet beyond that. Nice park, but have to wonder if an RV'er put in the utilities.