Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tuesday April 9, 2013-Choctaw Casino KOA

Man, it's been windy here in Oklahoma! I didn't sleep well and woke much earlier than usual but still got a little nap in my recliner. This park is nice with full amenities and hook-ups but the Internet connection is bad. I dropped the connection several times and finally switched over to our own MIFI card.

I have been wanting to get our tires checked, so this morning we went over to Sherman to the Discount Tire store for a tire rotation and checkup of the tires. I noticed some uneven tire wear on the outside dually tires but learned that this is normal. We ended up replacing the two worn tires with new Michelin tires, so now we're ready for the summer trip.

We came back home and took care of some chores around here. Stella went over and washed our dirty clothes while I stayed here and kept the dogs and the trailer safe and secure. I went down to Dan and Karen's trailer and had some coffee with them and we made some tentative plans for going to the casino to eat.

More rally-goers should arrive tomorrow and things should become busier for us. We are looking forward to it.

So long.

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Jennifer Morgan said...

the OK state song is not kidding around...the wind really does come sweeping down the plains! It was windy the whole time we were there recently!