Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday April 8, 2013-Moving day-Lake Conroe KOA to Choctaw Casino KOA, Durant OK

We woke to very cloudy and overcast skies this morning. It looked like rain all morning but none was forecast for today.We pulled out about 9:30 and made good time to the freeway. Traffic was pretty light and it was a pleasant day for a drive. We made it to Sam's Barbecue right about noon, and when walking in we noticed our new friends, Terry and June's truck in the parking lot. We soon found them, or rather, Terry found us and invited us to eat with them. We happily accepted and we got a chance to visit with them one on one.

After finishing our lunch, we continued on and continued to make good time. I did some experimentations with my truck and got my highway mpg up to 12.8! Wow, I am very happy with this number and will continue to test my theory and will share with you.

We pulled into the park about 4:30. Arriving right behind us was Mike and Peg.They had left Montgomery after we did but had passed us as we had lunch. We actually caught up to them in a rest area just before we crossed the state line into Oklahoma. I saw them leaving as we were arriving, but then they took the scenic route and we actually beat them here.

We got set up very quickly but man is it breezy here! I expected rain but it never came. I talked to my friend Bill on the way up and he said that there was a threat of severe weather from Dallas up into Kansas but it never came. Later in the week it is supposed to rain and be pretty bad, but I don't want any tornadoes. We'll see what happens.

So long.

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