Saturday, June 29, 2013

Friday June 28, 2013-Heartland Resort

Here you will see some of the photos I took at the Wright-Patterson Air Force base Museum of the Air Force. Stella and I went through this back in 2009 and there have been some major changes since then.

We will start with aircraft from World War II.

The museum has added many mannequins to the displays, adding a lot of interest.

 A lot more interest! These are very lifelike figures.

As you can see, aircraft are crammed in here in every available space, including some hung from the rafters.

This set portrays the Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle raid on the Japanese military facilities. The raid caused negligent damage to the Japanese but the boost to the morale of the American people resulted in the promotion of Doolittle to Brigadier General, skipping over the rank of Colonel.

This is the largest aircraft that we saw today, a B-52 Stratofortress. I am told that this airplane was suspended in the building before its completion and the roof and other supporting beams were added after. It is HUGE! 

They have several drones displayed here. 

How would you like to look in your rear view mirror and see all those machine guns coming up behind you?

A Huey helicopter from the Vietnam era. 

 The F-22 Raptor modern day stealth fighter.

 Here is a picture of Mack looking at another huge bomber.

The B-2 Spirit bomber. I've seen these in flight and they are MUCH larger than they seem.

 The Pave Low covert entry helicopter. See below

 The RF-4C fighter used in Desert Storm.

 This pilot apparently hated camels, taking out 65 of them. I feel pretty certain that there was something attached to or riding on these camels.

 The Apollo 15 module. 

Some of the Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles. This is another new display for us and just more HUGE displays. 

 Monstrous defenders of the United States.

Notice again the size of this airplane and the backwards-facing propellers.

I'm not sure of the area of the museum, but it certainly wore Mack and I out! It was absolutely worth the drive and we had a great time.

We ran through some heavy rains on our way back to Greenfield and one minor accident that backed traffic up a lot due to the slick roads. We made it back safely and we had some of Stella's great soup waiting for us when we got back. We played a few hands of dominoes before another rainstorm chased us inside. Great Day!

So long.

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