Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wednesday June 12, 2013-Goshen Fairgrounds

We had a very "interesting" day today. We went over to the Shipshewana flea market with Bernie and Judi and had lunch again at the Auction Barn restaurant. I went to cap a couple of Munzees that Bernie had put out over there but one of them had been removed. People sometimes do that, perhaps they don't know what the stickers are for, or perhaps they want to place their own. They don't realize that the location is locked and no other Munzee can be deployed within 50 feet when another Munzee is deployed there.

We came back home and I got a message from TxBobcat, that he had retrieved my pictures from my old computer and was ready to load them on my new computer. I took the new computer over to the Elkhart Campground where Bob was and we got it all done. I stopped by the Dodge dealer and got a new battery for my remote door opener and came on back home to high drama.

A serious storm was heading our way and we made preparations for it by putting up any loose items-chairs, tables, mats, anything that would blow away in high winds, and began to hunker down. We heard reports of possible 80-90 mph winds, very heavy rains and possible tornadoes so we decided to go into the underground shelter here at the park. This was a first for both of us. We took a computer, our phones, chargers and other paraphernalia for them and of course, Cassie and Tramp and went to the shelter. It wasn't too bad down there because it was air conditioned, had a good water fountain and rest rooms. A few people brought some snacks and games and it turned into a big ol' party! We visited with friends and came back home about 10:30. I had to get up early the next morning for a tour, so I went to bed soon. All we had was some rain and no winds at all! We certainly dodged a bullet! With all the expensive rigs in this park, it could have been disastrous night.

So long.

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