Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wednesday June 26, 2013-Heartland Resort

I skipped over Tuesday because it was a very slow rest day. Stella went to the laundry and washed our dirty clothes and I took care of some chores around here. Other than that, we napped and rested up after almost two weeks of rallying.

Wednesday morning after breakfast, we went into Greenfield so I could capture some Munzees. I "capped" all of them except three that were not there. I marked them and sent a message to the person that had deployed them, so hope he will take care of them. I have found some more in nearby cities and some other areas, so I'll be able to keep busy.

Our friends Mack and Mattigene came over yesterday from their home in Carmel. We had a nice visit with them for most of the afternoon. We went for a ride and ended up at the Ponderosa for supper. We came back here and made plans for tomorrow and the rest of the week that they are here with us. It's good to see our friends and catch up with them.

So long.

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