Sunday, June 30, 2013

Saturday June 29, 2013-Heartland Resort

We stayed home for most of the morning due to heavy rains off and on during the morning. If you remember, a pretty good rain shower sent us running home from Mack and Mattigene's place last night and it continued through the night. 

One thing I didn't mention in yesterday's post about the Air Force Museum is the fact that the tours of the presidential airplanes has been stopped due to cutbacks in the government. It's a shame that this has happened because there was little or low cost to take folks by bus to tour the former Air Force One airplanes which are off the museum grounds. As far as I know, the planes are still here but unavailable to the public. 

Today we made a drive over to a huge outlet mall in Edinburg IN. Although it's about 30 minutes south of Indy, it is also a little over an hour from Louisville KY and this place is HUGE! Most of these factory malls are the same and offer the same brands and this one is no exception. Even though Mack and I didn't do much shopping, the girls did a fine job. Stella didn't buy anything and Mattigene only spent about a dollar, so it was a good day for the budgets! Since we live in our trailer, there isn't much room for an excess of "stuff" so we're pretty picky about our shopping and try to stick to one new item in and an old one out so we don't build up too much. Have to watch that trailer weight!

When we got to the mall, a small but pretty powerful rain shower came over us and dropped a lot of water but we managed to stay dry. Of course, I had gone out to capture a couple of Munzees but only got one before the clouds and thunder sent me scurrying back under shelter at the mall.

When the shopping spree was over, we drove back home where we looked after our dogs before going to the local Mexican food restaurant, the El Nopal. The food was good and we had a good time. We ended the meal with some of the 50¢ ice cream cones at Burger King. If you haven't tried them, you MUST!

We came back home and sat outside, listening to the 4th of July music from the pavilion across the lake before the cool night air sent us inside. It was in the low 60's but felt cooler after the hot days we have had. I'll take it!

So long.

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