Saturday, June 29, 2013

Thursday June 27 2013-Heartland Resort

It has been cooler here than at home but it's still plenty warm! We went to a flea market in Strawtown that Mack knew about. Many of the booths are outside and even though it was just after noon, the vendors were packing up to leave. A couple of the men told me that they arrive about 5 AM, so when it starts to get hot, they go home. I don't really understand that business plan, but then they didn't ask me for advice either.

Mack then took us for a drive out in the country around Indianapolis and we saw some beautiful homes and scenery. We had a bite of lunch at a small Mexican restaurant before returning home. 

We went inside and rested (napped) before coming back outside to chat with Mack and Mattie until it began to get dark, about 9:30. That's also when the skeeters start coming out, so it works out pretty well. Mack and I made plans to go to the Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio tomorrow, so I wanted to rest up. Stella and I went there back 2009 and I remember walking a lot, but it's a great museum and worth the time.

So long.

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