Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday June 24, 2013-Moving day-Goshen Fairgrounds to Heartland Resort, Greenfield IN

Most of our Heartland friends had left yesterday (Sunday) and today several of those that had stayed pulled out, including us. We went out to eat with our friends Doug and Judy at the Supreme Oriental Buffet, while about 75 or so of the others ate a potluck of leftover rally food. Everyone was pretty tired today and we sat outside chatting with Doug and Judy for awhile before we were chased back inside by the skeeters.

Just about dark, which is about 9:30 up here, I decided to go capture some Munzees. I found a virtual Munzee, which is one that is special, and you only have to be within 300 feet of it to capture it. I asked Stella if she would like to be the one to cap this one and she did. She did a fine job and I went and got a few more before it got too dark and we quit for the night. I may get Stella as interested in the game as I am.

This morning our neighbors Duane and Debbie pulled out about 6AM to take their trailer in for some service, but we weren't in that big of a hurry. I didn't go outside until about 8 o'clock and it only took an hour for us to be ready to go. We pulled out a few minutes after 9 when we pulled out. We exchanged hugs and handshakes with our remaining friends in the area and were soon on our way.

I had a bit of misfortune before we even got out of Goshen. I had forgotten to secure the flap on the kitchen vent, but was reminded when we were driving on the same road out of Goshen where another one blew off a previous trailer. I pulled into a parking lot to fix the flap but as soon as I touched it with the rod used to lock it down, it broke off. I did catch the vent cover and will try to fix it.

We made excellent time and only made one stop at a rest area on I-69. Of course, the first thing I did was get out my phone to check for Munzees. Rest areas are hotspots for Munzees and sure enough, there were three there. I capped them and we were soon on our way again. The only thing was that I took a lot of extra time, but we have plenty of time to get to the next park.

Here's our place. The sites are pretty close together, but it's nice to back up to the lake. 

I mean we're RIGHT on the lake! The food thing is, we can leave the rear blinds up because there is no one behind us but some ducks.

I am always surprised at how tired I am when we travel. I always have a cup of coffee and drift right off to sleep after getting my chores done and today was no exception. I talked to our friend Mack and he will be coming out here on Wednesday. It will give us a chance to rest up tomorrow before they get here. We're looking forward to seeing them again and catching up with Rayford.

So long.

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