Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday June 11, 2013-Moving Day-Elkhart Campground to Goshen County Fairgrounds

Well, the big day has arrived and the big rally starts later today. Our friends Dan and Karen came in last night for an overnight stop before going over to Goshen. Remember Fred and Gloria, the friends that we met earlier in the week? Their trailer repairs were completed and they came in last night too and will go over today also. We're going to have a pretty good convoy over to Goshen!

We made pretty good time this morning and pulled out about five 'til 9. Dan followed us but Fred and Gloria weren't ready yet so they will be over later. We made the grueling 20 mile trip without incident and were soon in our site and hooked up. We'll be in this temporary site until this weekend. There is another large group in here this weekend but their rally ends on Friday and they will start pulling out on Friday. Of course, there will be some that want to stay until the last minute, so we may be delayed until Monday. I'll let you know when it happens.

There are lots of folks here already that we know, and certainly more to come. The Munzers in the group went out and put out lots and lots of new Munzees and Bernie and I went out this afternoon and started capping them. We worked for about 3 hours before my battery gave out and my sunburned dome started smarting and we came back home.

I sat outside with many of our friends all afternoon, after a well deserved nap. Hey I was up early, getting things ready to move! Then I went out and captured all those Munzees and got sunburned too, so I deserve it! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

So long.

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