Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday June 3, 2013-Elkhart Campground

First of all, I want to say how sorry we were to hear of the deaths of four Houston Firefighters over the weekend. Although I was never a fireman, I hold a special place in my heart for them as fellow first responders with all the perils they encounter in their job. I feel for their families who must suffer through their loss.

I would also like to express more sadness for the residents of Oklahoma and the others that were affected by the tornadoes of recent. We were forecast for some storms but no tornadoes resulted. We did have a lot of rain but no serious damage occurred. We have been very lucky!

I posted about a Pre-Pre rally get together here at the Campground and got some response from people coming up for the big rally that will be here a bit early and was surprised to see three new Heartland trailers in here. One of them are some of our new friends from the Indiana rally, Keith and Kim but they had just come in for the weekend and went back home on Sunday. Another couple from California, Fred and Gloria, were here for the weekend as well but took their trailer in to the factory for work, as did another fellow that we met, Ron from Alberta Canada. We had nice visits with all of them during the weekend, but the place sure looked bare this morning when they all pulled out. Other will replace them soon.

Our friends Bernie and Judi came in Sunday afternoon and they will stay until we leave for Goshen. I think I told you about my beginning to play a game called Munzee, a cross between geo-caching and a scavenger hunt. Well, my friend Bernie is THE MAN as a Munzer. He is very high ranked, and on my friends list, he is #1 ranked. I have 16 people in my friends and I am #10, with 685 points. Bernie has over 62, 600 points! He has been #1 in the world a couple of times, but the lead changes daily, and sometimes more than once a day. It is a growing game to play, so if you want to get some exercise and have fun at the same time, take up Munzeeing! Please let me know if you do so I can add you to my friends list and track how you are doing.

The four of us (Bernie, Judi, Stella and I) went over to the Heartland factory today to work on the door prizes. We completed the inventory and bundled some of the gifts together and got things ready to take over to the Fairgrounds on Thursday. We stopped for coffee and pie at Perkins Restaurant when we were done. Bernie and Judi went grocery shopping and Stella and I went to the Goodwill store to look at their selection of clothes. I found a pair of Levi's jeans which I bought  because it's hard to find the petite size that I wear. They have 50% off every Saturday, so we will go back and shop more then.

Bernie and I went out and deployed and capped some Munzies, so it was a good way to end the day. We came back to the park and hung out with them. Our friends Gary and Donna came by and said they are leaving in the morning, so we bid them goodbye. Good day...

So long.

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