Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Friday June 27, 2014-Poncho's Pond, Ludington MI

Today is the first actual day of the rally and it started off with a donut/sweet roll and coffee breakfast for those that wanted to come down early (7:30A). Of course, I was there. Couldn't miss out on some fresh cop food, could I? Gerry did a good job of picking out an assortment of donuts and had used our big coffee pot. He does need some lessons on coffee preparation in the big pot. 

During the day, I went out and capped some Munzees that Bernie had put out at Wal Mart and Meier's and enjoyed spending some time outdoors. I later learned that there were some others that he had put out some on the other end of town at the marina. I will go back to get them.

We went to supper tonight at the Old Hamlin Restaurant in downtown Ludington. They have an all you can eat fish dinner or a buffet with a variety of entrees. Most of us chose the buffet and the food was at best, okay. Nothing spectacular and not bad, just not great. We all left full, so I guess we did all right. 

We came back to the park for another campfire at Gerry's place. It was another pleasant night and the wind wasn't so bothersome tonight and went straight up so no one complained about a face full of smoke. 

There were several people that had bought trailers while at the National rally in Urbanna. We talked about their buying experiences from the local dealer. They must have been offering some pretty good deals because they sold 9 trailers during the rally! A good week for someone! Stella and I talked about a new one but we really haven't found anything that we like better than what we have, but we may change our minds....someday.

So long.

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