Monday, July 14, 2014

Sunday July 13, 2014-Addison Oaks county park-Leonard MI

We had a nice weekend here. The weather was nice, a little warmer than we like, but it cooled down in the evening. I just heard on the weather on television, that the month of July has an average high of 86 in Michigan. We had nice campfires (thank you Ted) and the park was pretty full. The "crowds" are really well behaved. The Sheriff's office makes routine patrols all the time, but they add horse patrols and also use golf carts on the weekend.

Ted and Donna went to visit some friends Friday night but returned Saturday evening. Stella and I went over to Troy for me to capture lots of Munzees for the triple Munzee Saturday. I got 467 points in just a few hours and had a good time. Gotta take advantage of extra point days!

While coming back to the truck, my phone rang and it was my friend Todd. Longtime readers might remember him and his wife Sue, who worked at the Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge with us three years ago. It was nice to talk to him again and we made arrangements for them to come over next Tuesday for a visit and some lunch. 
Todd and Sue standing in a kiosk that Todd and I built.

It rained all night Saturday night but the water had all drained off by the time we got up. The weather guessers have said it's going to cool off at night, down into the low 50's, but we'll... this will be our last full week here, and we'll be in the UP (Upper Peninsula) next week and it's always cooler there. Stay tuned...

So long.

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