Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wednesday July 30, 2014-Moving day-Soo Locks Campground to Dan and Karen's house

We slept in this morning mostly because it was cold but also because we don't have very far to go, only about 125 miles or so. Since the outside chores were pretty small, I helped Stella a bit in getting thing ready to stow away for travel and didn't even go outside until about 8:30. My work was soon done and we were ready to go to the dump station about 10. Not a bad morning;s work.

We only made one short pit stop at a small rest area, just west of Newberry. It was a neat little place and I wish now I'd taken a picture of it but I didn't. Bad on me...!

We got to Dan and Karen's house about 12:45 but they hadn't returned from a doctor's appointment for Dan. We got backed in and set up and just as I got out the lawn chairs, they drove up. After hugs and handshakes, Dan and I got started on cleaning out one of his sheds for transportation to Tennessee, where they will likely move to. They sold their house quicker than they expected to, and now they have orchestrated this closing on the house and the move-out with a Wisconsin rally squeezed in between just so, and they don't have much time to waste. Most of the stuff in the shed is stuff that the movers won't handle, propane bottles, aerosol paint cans, other chemicals and many loose tools like yard tools. He has some pretty large and heavy tools and one VERY heavy granite stone that came from Karen's grandfather's farm.He originally used the stone to tie his horses to and that thing has got to weigh more than a thousand pounds! Dan and I tried to pick it up and couldn't but neighbor Ron will be coming over later and we can move it then.

I used Dan's large air compressor to blow out my clogged-up water lines and made some progress, but it's still not fully functional. Dan came in to lend a hand which caused us to get behind on the moving. A short but heavy rain shower stopped us again and Ron arrived, so back to work we went. We worked until almost 7, when we filled the small U-Haul trailer that Dan had gotten and we stopped for supper. 

Stella and Karen got all the fixin's ready and Dan grilled up some burgers and we had a very good meal. We sat outside on their screened-in patio and chatted until almost 10, when we turned in. It was cold again here, but it made for good sleeping. 

Dan and Karen are leaving for Tennessee to drop off their load and will be back on Sunday. Hey, want to have a party while they're gone? Just like when we were teenagers...Come on over!

So long.

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