Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday July 19, 2014-Addison Oaks county park, Leonard MI

We have been sleeping so well with the cooler temperatures here. I've been sleeping until between 7:30 and 8, but a couple of times, I slept until 8:30! Stella has consistently been in bed until 9 or so. I've also been staying up until 11 or even later, but keep in mind that we are in the Eastern Time Zone and are an hour ahead.

We got some new pictures of Tyler in his Band letter jacket and his senior ring. It's hard to believe that my little boy is growing up! I still haven't figured out how to download pictures from my phone to my computer but when I do...

Ted and Donna went to their daughter Kara's wedding rehearsal yesterday and today is the wedding, so they left early this morning to get things ready for the big event. Stella and I slept in...

I decided to go over to Auburn Hills and the Oakland College campus to cap some Munzees because I had noticed a huge area of both Virtual and Mystery Virtual Munzees. I had my best single day of captures with 1,015 capped today. Not individual Munzees of course, but that many points! I am tired but happy this evening. 

Stella and I have been playing a game called Tryominoes, a fun game that is similar to dominoes. We have been playing it for years, but have played it again in the last couple of days. I won yesterday (of course) but she managed to squeak by me this evening. It's nice to be able to sit outside and play games. Of course, we could sit outside at home in Texas if we left the door open to the house with the a/c running and a couple of fans blowing on us. I miss the folks at home but not the weather.

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