Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sunday & Monday, June 29 & 30, 2014-Poncho's Pond, Ludington MI

Sunday morning was damp, as it had rained quite a bit at night, but several of us met at Gerry and Debbie's place for more donuts and coffee. We had a few sprinkles so we didn't stay very long. Stella and I came back home but after the clouds lifted, I went out to say goodbye to several people. Several others had already left but a few were still getting packed up. Only two other couples stayed, so when everyone pulled out, it looked rather bare. 

We got some new neighbors and made a couple of suggestions to them to help them get set up in their brand new travel trailer. They are doing exactly the same thing that we did, started with a popup and then a small travel trailer. They should make some very good memories with their three small children.

We hung out in our trailer, dodging the raindrops all afternoon and decided to eat in tonight. We have had so much to eat during the rally, we only wanted to eat light. It began to rain again after dark so me and the dogs turned in early. Tramp has really become a little snuggle-puppy and Cassie doesn't like the sound of thunder, so she stayed close to me.

Monday morning, Stella and I went out to eat a big breakfast at the House of Flavors, where the park's ice cream had come from. They advertise a $2.99 breakfast but we opted for one of the bigger and tastier dishes and had a great meal. There is a 6 page breakfast menu, which made it a bit more difficult to choose. They also specialize in homemade ice cream but we were not takers today. They are PROUD of their ice cream too! $7.00 a quart! I don't think so...

Stella went to Wal Mart and bought enough groceries to last us for a few days and we took on some fuel for our long drive tomorrow to our new location in Manistee. We came back home to more rain, all night long again. Made for some good sleeping!

So long.

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