Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tuesday July 22, 2014-Moving Day-Addison Oaks county park to Soo Locks Campground, Sault Ste Marie MI

Both us and Ted and Donna left Addison Oaks this morning. they had further to go, so they left their site a little after 8, but we shot for leaving between 9 and 9:30 and we hit it exactly! After a stop at the dump station and a quick fill-up with air in our hitch, we were off. 

We made good time and only made one scheduled stop at a rest stop for Munzees and a bathroom break for all of us. We have been to this stop before because there was only one Munzee here that didn't belong to me and I had already capped it, so my break was very fast. Stella and the doggies didn't take long and off we went again. A fellow that I talked to said he had heard that Mackinac City was being hammered with rain and hail, and sure enough, when we neared town, we hit some pretty heavy rain. There was a small rest stop just outside of town and we pulled in to check on the weather, since we didn't want to get into any hail. After about 10 minutes, the rain seemed to slack up and we were again on our way.

The "Big Mack" (Mackinac) bridge, out the front window of the truck. 

The bridge is beautiful, but because of the rainstorm and winds, we were advised by the radio announcer to limit our speed to 20 mph since we are a high profile vehicle. The going wasn't too bad and I never felt threatened. 

Here we are in our site. If you look across the river behind us, that is Canada.

This shot was taken outside, right under the picture window from the living room, but it gives you an idea of our view outside. I wish we had been in one of the riverfront sites, but this one isn't bad.

You can see the back of my chair, and see what I see when I sit outside reading. The weather has been very nice, with our warmest day being today with a temp of 87. It has been down into the low 50's every night. 

 The International bridge into Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada. We plan on going over for lunch one day before we leave.

One of the huge 1000' iron ore boats going toward the locks.  

A small US Coast Guard Zodiac boats on patrol on the fiver. 

The Coast Guard boat and one of the Soo Lock tour boats. I tried to get the back end of the big ship, but the Zodiac was scooting right along and I couldn't get all three in the picture.

The back of our trailer. I wish they would trim up the bushes behind us. It would make the place look better, but there's probably a good reason for not cutting it.

We took a ride around town to check things out. I noticed a large group of Border Patrol vehicles of all sorts parked behind fences. There were probably 30-40 vehicles, making me wonder why such a large number of people and vehicles are required at the Canadian border. Do they have that many illegals trying to get in up here? I don't know that I've ever heard of a Canadian "wetback". 

The only thing we are planning for our stay here is to watch the boats and visit Canada. I'll have to double check my truck for anything they frown on at a border crossing. Wish me luck.

So long.

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