Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday Juy 26, 2014-Soo Locks campground, Sault Ste Marie MI

It was cool again this morning, though not as cool as it has been for the past few days. It rained a couple of times during the night and it began again around 9AM. It rained really hard several times, knocking out the television reception with very loud thunder and lots of lightning. For a short time it hailed quarter size nuggets but we suffered no damage. 

We stayed inside, dry and cozy until the rain stopped about mid afternoon. We had planned to go to The Antlers restaurant this afternoon. We have been there before and we were not disappointed. Check out the link for some cool pictures of the trophies in the restaurant. After eating, we went to the local grocery store (high priced!) and bought the essentials and came on back home, just ahead of more rain. It has been dreary and rainy evening, so it's a good time to stay inside.

Happy Birthday Kim!

So long.

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