Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday July 25, 2014-Soo Locks Campground, Sault Ste Marie MI

As I said, we haven't been doing much since we've been here except hanging out and watching the big ships go by. The funny thing is, they're so big but they make no noise at all! If they didn't blow their horn when approaching, we'd miss them completely. Amazing...

I went into "town" Thursday and ran down some Munzees. There aren't too many here and I got all of them. There were two or three across the river on the Canadian side but I'll get them tomorrow when we venture over. I came back home and relaxed and sat outside watching the ships and boats go by. 

today, Friday, we decided to drive over the bridge into Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. Not being familiar with Canada, I thought we would have another Province to add to our states visited map and didn't realize that both Sarnia- where we had gone a few days ago with Ted and Donna- and Sault Ste Marie are both in Ontario. Bummer!

Driving across the bridge. This is another beautiful bridge, like the Blue Water Highway bridge into Sarnia.

 It takes a lot of maintenance to keep these bridges open and operating, so we were not surprised to see a construction crew working.

The rapids near the Soo Locks. 

I couldn't believe how swift this river runs. Wouldn't want to fall in there! 

This is part of the iron ore handling facility. They unload many 1000 foot iron ore boats every day here and then transport the ore to a smelting plant for processing.

On our way back to the USA! 

A big ship that has been unloaded on its way back through the locks.  

Lots of folks going into the United States. At least we had a better experience with crossing today. No third degree interrogation from the Canadian border guard, no search of the truck and a very friendly American that checked us back in. 

We had lunch at the Dockside Restaurant, a trendy and pretty expensive restaurant right on the river. It was a beautiful day and we ate on the outside patio, enjoying our meal. Great! We certainly couldn't have done this if we were still in Texas!

So long.

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