Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tuesday July 15, 2014-Addison Oaks county park, Leonard MI

It was rainy and cool this morning, but it stopped raining around 8. The dogs have been enjoying the cool weather and feel frisky when they go outside. Tramp especially loves it. He runs around to the end of his leash and really has a good time when I take him out.

Our friends Todd and Sue arrived right on time about 11AM. They had never seen our Landmark, so they were given the grand tour. We had a very nice visit with them, catching up on Caddo Lake NWR and all the people that we know there.

A little after noon, our friends Rex and Stacey arrived. Stacey's family lives in this area and they are on their way to see them and they decided to drop by for a visit. We all came inside after Rex pulled his truck pulling their Landmark over to the side of the road across the street from our site. We had a short visit and went into Rochester to the Red Knapp's restaurant for lunch. They serve old-time juicy hamburgers and some great malted milk shakes. We all ate until we were stuffed and had a good time. We returned home and Rex and Stacey left for the rest of their journey. The four of us tried to sit outside to continue our chat but rain clouds and some rain drops sent us back inside. They stayed over until about 5 before they left for home. We had a delightful time visiting and remembering our experiences at Caddo Lake. Perhaps we will be able to go back and stay there again. We'll work on that!

So long.

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Bsummit said...

Sounds like you had a good time. Have a Big Horn arrived today from Arkansas and I think they will be joining the club.